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Website Monitoring / Website Security on Open Source Software

Information is the key to success and it is true of every working field. Having quality, accurate and up-to-date data at your fingertips can give your organization the vital boost it needs to reach to the next level. It is all the more true if your business is web-based. Constant website monitoring is very important in order to maintain and run a web-based business.

Let’s think for a while. What would happen if your website crashes or becomes a subject of virus attack? What would happen if your site is not up and running returning accurate results or is not responding the way it should? Not only it would mean losing valuable customers and hard-earned money but would also indicate a permanent scratch on your business reputation. It is, therefore, necessary to keep an eye on your website in order to prevent any such unpleasant outcome. With a proper system of website monitoring you can easily keep these troubles at bay.

Website monitoring is a service that keeps watch on various website links in order to ensure these sites are running smoothly and returning the expected and accurate results. It’s absolutely necessary for commercial websites to have a website monitoring service in place to prevent business loss due to website malfunctioning. Since it not humanly possible to keep watch on a website 24X7 an automated service can do the trick. Website monitor helps you to keep watch on an unlimited number of website URLs and look for possible attacks or break downs. The website monitors generally runs either as a desktop application, taskbar item or as a Windows Service. Whenever such a problem is detected happens they instantly alert you through an email notification or sms. If a problem is detected as soon as it occurs, rectifying it and taking preventive measures also become easier and less time consuming. And time is money when we talk about business.

Some web monitors are made in such a way that they can even launch another URL or execute a file to correct the problem independently in case a failure occurs. Hence no manual intervention is needed and you can carry on with your planned schedule. These site monitors also notifies you again once the problem is solved and the site is back again. So you can absolutely relax without even bothering about losing business due to a site failure.

Website monitors can be built with both proprietary and open source program. This often leads to confusion as to which of the two is more secure. The debate is inherently related to the eternal dispute regarding open source software. Well, no service or system can be 100% full proof and that applies to the security of websites made with open source software. Since an open source software is built by communities of developers with source code available publicly, so it is open to hackers and malicious viruses. However, this argument may be countered by saying that since so many individuals work with the source code of these projects, so any potential vulnerability or flaw of open source software can be instantly detected and preventive measures are taken than with programmes based on commercial software. So it can be said that generally open source software is as secure, if not more, than commercial software. Most programmers who take part in building open source software take extra safety measures to ensure their code is secure. Besides another advantage with open source software is that the developers make patches available whenever bugs are found with exceptional speed. 

Apart from finding flaws and making a website run smoothly, website monitors also keep track on the performance of the site as well like visitors count, analytics and other related data which is essential for any e-commerce site to function properly and reap the benefit in terms of profitability.

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