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About WMA

We are the only website monitoring service specifically designed to monitor and alert Australian and New Zealand companies when your webpage or online service becomes unavailable. Cover your corporate website, email, online shopping cart, or any website hosting services you have with sound protection against downtimes, hackers defacing your website; by using our premier text search based website monitoring and our easy 1 click online monitoring services select option. If anything goes wrong, you will be instantly contacted through emails and/or SMS alerts.

Who We Are

Website Monitoring Australia is an online service developed 4 years ago by Melbourne website design and website hosting company WebDirect Australia by Tim Austin. With over 12 years in the industry, Our company provides professional business website hosting and website applications to Australian companies and government departments.

Being a website hosting provider we have a lot of customers come to us asking for help with their website hosting needs. A majority of the time they were seeking alternative website hosting as their previous hosting provider where not providing the service or availability they claim. Common experiences were slow web page loading, website outages, emails not being delivered and to my amazement no explanation on why.

As a hosting provider we have our own data centre facilities Australia wide, There are many alternative such as offshore hosting or virtual hosts which means they load up to 100 server environments to 1 physical server there for save big dollars. This however causes major performance issues and effects your business with outages. These companies don't genuinely care about your business. This makes us angry and that's why we developed Website Monitoring. We want to expose these companies and hold then accountable. If we can't host your website we can definitely keep you informed if anything goes wrong, you will be instantly contacted through emails and/or SMS alerts.

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