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Custom Website Monitoring

Have you got a custom website application or an API you need monitoring? Our website monitoring service allows you to monitor just about anything on the internet.

We offer a very flexible monitoring solution to meet the needs of all customers. Our service enables you to specify custom ports and website addresses with or without authentication and also match a response to a more detailed level. Custom website monitoring service is most commonly used for API or SOAP monitoring services when you providing a service to your customers and want to ensure your website or service is online.

How does it work?

Custom monitoring is simple, you enter your desired webpage URL (website address) or IP address such as your api url, If the service is NOT on port 80 you would change the port number to the one configured on your webserver enter some text that is displayed or not to be displayed on the page, then our website monitoring service will scan and check that if it exists or doesn't exists based on your settings. If

  1. Your website / website hosting is available and responding.
  2. Your webpage is loading and displaying the correct information its a success.

If your site fails to meet both these requirements we will instantly alert you via SMS, email or phone call notification service based on your alert notification profile.