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Our website monitoring service has been designed to make it quick and easy start monitoring your website and online services and easy step by step wizzards to guide you through evey process.. Signup takes less than 1 minute and you automatically


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Monitoring Dashboard

Your website monitoring dashboard contains all the important information required to quickly access monitoring features in your member areas. You will see your website monitoring plan information, upgrade options, latest monitoring outages and live response times of any of your website monitoring services. You can select any of your monitoring services and it will show you the previous 3 days performance of your average, lowest and highest loading time statistics.

Live daily and weekly website monitoring graphs

CLICK HERE to watch video tutorial on our dashboard

CLICK HERE to watch video tutorial on monitoring features

Outage Manage Monitor

Manage Monitors

This is the section where you MANAGE all your services. ADD NEW service to your account for monitoring, EDIT/DELETE existing services as per your requirements. You can also sort your services according to you need by clicking on the headers (i.e. Host, Service, Interval, Last Poll and Status). Check the live statistics by clicking on the icon on any specific service.


One of the important tools which records outage data for all the included services of your account. Here you can check date wise detailed report of outages with actual reason for the downtime of the service.

Notification Contact Add Contact

Alert Notification

Our website monitoring service is fully customisable. You can alert as many or as little people as you like when your like....

Our monitoring system can send you email, phone or sms alerts when:

  • Website monitor becomes Unavailable
  • Web monitor is running slow. Performance monitoring
  • Webpage recovers from an outage

Set your email and sms monitoring alerts on a contact to contact / per monitor basis with time of day monitoring, maximium alerts to send and email and SMS or one or the other... Its up to you!

Unlimited email notification, Free setup sms credits and an auto-top up sms credits facility available.

Shows all the saved notification contacts, which has been set during the service addition procedure. You can add new contact with the option provided in the top right hand corner above the list (see image 2 on the left hand side) or customize existing contacts from the list.

Reports & Statistics

Yes! the heading for this section explains what you get in this section. It is the most powerful and useful tool in your dashboard, you have all type of the reports you need for tracking your website or online service. Here you get 1. Daily 2. Monthly 3. Yearly reports for your specific service.

  • Daily Report

    By selecting daily report you will get a detailed list of monitoring statistics with service response time for the current date only. The statistics lists are based upon your monitor service settings (which can be changed from the manage monitor section).

    daily report example

  • Monthly Report

    On monthly report you can find every day statistics for the selected month. Here you can also find how many times the service has been checked in the column "CHECKS". The Checks are the number of times our monitors check the availability of your web monitor. They are divided into 2 types. 1) Successful checks and 2) Un-successful checks. (see example below)

    check example

    With many online services companies offer some guaranteed uptime / website availability. This is in the form of a SLA (Service license agreement). Our monitoring service can keep track of this agreement for you automatically every month. When you create your web monitor there is a field on Step 2 to enter in your SLA % e.g. 99.98 (CLICK HERE to see screen-shot). Your uptime is calculated for the month selected and compared to your SLA value on the specific monitor. If your actual uptime % of your website monitor matches or is great than the value entered you will see a green tick icon. However if your calculated web monitor is less than the SLA % entered you will see a red cross which means you did not meet your SLA for the selected month.

  • Email Report

    Weekly and Monthly Emailed Reports

    All the website monitoring reports mentioned above are available 24/7 by logging into your account. However we offer the option of weekly and monthly reports emailed directly to your inbox. These website monitoring reports can be configured to be sent to one or as many contacts as you like with the combination of both weekly and monthly as one or the other. See Manage Contacts for configuration settings.

  • Yearly Report

    Here you can find cumulative report for the whole year, rather than this it has same report structure as monthly.

print these statistics or download them in excel format for your better observation on the services.

Schedule Add Schedule

Schedule Maintenance

Set up prior scheduled maintenance for the services to avoid inclusion of downtime in the reports, by setting up schedule maintenance you get accurate reports and statistics. Create unlimited schedule maintenance for any service.

SMS Topup

SMS Topup

If you want to check SMS credit balance or update SMS settings or need to purchase SMS credits...then this is the section where you can take all the required actions.

You can also upgrade your current SMS plan by setting the current package option, also set automatic topup ON so that when SMS credits falls below your set number of credits it will automatically update your current plan which will enable you getting uninterrupted SMS service.

30 day money back gaurantee All packages have a 30 day money back / no questions asked guarantee. 30 day money back guarantee on all paid services

CLICK HERE for more information.

Support Request

Last but not the least we have a strong support system for our valued clients. All you need to do is simply complete a form describing your question or problem and one of our support staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

If you would you like to speak to us? Call 1300 884 194 [press Option 3] anytime between 9am - 5pm GMT 10+ (Melbourne, Australia)

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