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Blacklist Monitoring

Ensure your email server is not listed on any email blacklists with Website Monitoring Australia’s unique free blacklist monitoring script. It enables you to see exactly how many and what kind of technologies are being used on your website. You can then select the monitoring types you would like to use.

Our system will automatically create and configure these utilities for you once you have completed our signup page.


How does it work?

Our blacklist monitoring service is easy and automated, meaning you will be up and running in less than two minutes. Follow the steps below and take advantage of our innovative system for proactively managing your website.

  1. Enter your business’s website address.
  2. We will scan your site and show you what monitors you can use.
  3. Check the monitors that you would like to create.
  4. Click Get Started and complete the signup form.
  5. Select your alert contacts to notify.

By using this script you are agreeing to our website terms of service and you have permission to scan the entered domain name. Excessive scanning will cause your IP to be banned.