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Webpage Monitoring

Ensure your website is not defaced by hackers and your website hosting is available. Webpage monitoring monitors your website content using text matching technology to monitor your website uptime.

Why you should use website content monitoring

Website content monitoring is by far the most common and favorite monitoring service among our members. It's great because it checks many scenarios and multiple failure points.

The webpage monitoring service is very powerful and can check the following failure points in a single check.monitoring scans your website and matches yor website content

  • Domain name is registered and resolving
  • Web server is up and responding
  • Website configured correctly
  • Website defacement and hacking
  • If database driven your database is online

How does it work?

Text based website monitoring is simple, you enter your desired webpage URL (website address) such as your home page, enter some text that is displayed or not to be displayed on the page, then our website monitoring service will scan and check that if it exists or doesn't exists based on your settings. If

  1. Your website / website hosting is available and responding.
  2. Your webpage is loading and displaying the correct information its a success.

If your site fails to meet both these requirements we will instantly alert you via SMS, email or phone call notification service based on your alert notification profile.
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Step by step guide to webpage monitoring

To show you how easy it is to setup and monitor your website we have used a real customer example. The screenshot's below are from Super Domains. They specialise in cheap domain names and Australian website hosting. If their website is down or not loading correctly they are potentially loosing a lot of domain name registration sales and worse effecting their customers and reputation. Their website is common to most websites these days and is a database driven website which presents content via a database. So it's important to ensure the content is being retrieved from the database and displayed via PHP to the website. We can easily achieve this with our webpage monitoring service. Please follow our step by step guide below: