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Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring Delivered Australia-wide

Server monitoring is the process of tracking a server’s resources and efficiency, ensuring it is running to maximum capacity without any issues. Server monitoring is important for checking the working conditions of the server and makes sure that the optimal performance is being extracted.

Our server monitoring service monitors resources such as CPU usage, memory consumption, I/O, network, disc usage and more. We also have tools such as performance benchmarking, alerting capabilities and a wide variety of automation options. This comprehensive service can monitor applications including MS SQL, MySQL, and many more, making sure they are functioning correctly at all times. This process helps users to better understand their system’s requirements and output, providing a better end user experience, and more cost-effectiveness in the long term with the ability to plan more accurately.

We continuously check the health of your server through the use of PING monitoring, analysing response times and signal strength. Customers can set up alerts based on predetermined criteria and the system will send a message by email, SMS or phone call when there is an issue that needs attention or rectifying, preventing small problems becoming bigger and more costly.

How it Works

Our server monitoring gives businesses tighter control over their server activity. It has the ability to monitor multiple disks, checking and reporting on a host of factors including:

  • CPU usage
  • Disk space
  • Cloud hosting and storage
  • Virtual devices

Users will first download our secure monitoring agent and install it on their server. Once installed you can then return to our website and enter your server name and select the “Server Monitoring” option when creating a new monitor. They will then be given the option to set parameters around how they will be notified and under what circumstances. These can include an upper limit of how much hard disk capacity remains free, the load on the CPU, and many more.

Server Monitoring

To find out more regarding our server monitoring services, contact our team today. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a solution to meet the needs of you, your business and your computer system. Call us today on 1300 884 194 and discover how our range of expert services can make a difference to the smooth and efficient operation of your company’s network.