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Are You Checking Your Blacklist Status?

What is blacklist monitoring?

Blacklisting monitoring is the process of checking Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs) to ensure your IP or domain address is not blocked. This can occur when users of a server are guilty of spreading spam or junk mail, or the server has been hijacked for spam relay.

The blocking of email occurs during the SMTP connection phase, when the receiving end will scan RBLs for the IP address the message originates from. If it matches an entry on an RBL, the connection will be dropped and the email will not make it to the recipient. Neither the sender, nor the recipient will be notified of the process or result.

Why is it important to your business?

Businesses rely on communication and being able to reach customers, employees, suppliers, and more. If your business’s IP reputation has been compromised, you may not be receiving important emails, your emails may not being getting through, and your company will suffer. 

How can we help?

As there is no notification that emails are not being received or reaching their destinations, it can be a mystifying problem for many companies. Website Monitoring’s blacklist monitoring service will ensure your IP address does not appear on any RBLs. Our real-time service will notify you the moment the situation changes, allowing you to take action and rectify the problem. 

We will provide reports of all the blacklists we check, keeping you up-to-date with the activity of your IP address. This management is essential in maintaining a professional brand image, ensuring that your business is constantly aware of the state of its IP address’s reputation.

Website Monitoring Australia offer a free blacklist monitoring tool to check on demand in real-time your mail server or IP addresses reputation. Try it now!

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