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Website monitoring service


Check your websites uptime and ensure its up and responding correctly by returning a server 200 OK message. You can check public and secured web pages with basic authentication and NTLM.

SSL certificate

If your SSL certificate is invalid or expires this can cause major problems. Your web page will display "The site's security certificate is not trusted!" which will cause loss of sales and will harm your companies reputation.


Continuously check the health of your server by using our PING monitoring or specify your own custom port. Predefined ports like FTP, SSH and many more. Performance monitoring by analysing your response times.

Domain name

Monitor your domain name and make sure it hasn't expired. Take advantage of our DNS monitoring and check specific records such as A, CNAME, PTR, MX, NS, TXT and SVR that may point to local intranet, mail services or remote offices.

Web page

Advanced content matching technology to analyse and locate specific code, word or phase on your web page Ideal monitor for protecting your website from hackers / web page defacement.

Email and Blacklist

Ensure your mail server is responding and delivery emails. Check your email round trip by checking emails are being sent and received. POP, IMAP, SMTP. Go one step further and fully authenticate.


Monitor both MySQL and MSSQL database servers with our 3306 or 1433 port monitoring service. Authenticate against a specific database schema via username and password.


You can check just about anything on the internet. If you require custom port or a custom application our system has the flexibility to adapt. If it can't we would love to hear from you as the product is continually being developed.


Stay informed no matter where you are with our iPhone and Android apps. Fully manage your account on the go!

mobile applications

Phone, Email & SMS text messaging alerts to unlimited contacts with time of day notification management and x number of alerts to send.
Blacklist Monitoring
Ensure your emails are being delivered. Check the top 30 online blacklists every hour to make sure your IP address is not listed.

SiteLock Malware and Vulnerability Scanning
Have your website pages scanned every day for malware, virus's and code vulnerabilities. We are a partner of SiteLock™ and offer yearly subscriptions below cost for all our members!

Ssl Certificate Monitoring

Why all small business websites should have website monitoring

You have a website, but you're not monitoring it? How is that possible? You have spent your hard earn money on building and hosting your website then marketing it. How do you know it's up and online 24/7? You don't unless you monitor your website! You have done all the hard work of getting your business online don't fall over at the finish line.

Web page monitoring is one of the most over looked services on the internet yet one of the most affordable. Most businesses are way too trusting and don't monitoring their website. This means you are blindly trusting your hosting company to provide a reliable service.

My names Tim Austin, I am an entrepreneur from Melbourne Australia and have been running many successful hosting companies for nearly 15 years. I have seen it all and know all the different technical difficulties that could cause your website to be offline or dysfunctional. Did you know 99% of websites hosted on the internet are on a "shared hosting" platform? This means you are sharing the server with many other websites. Your website may not have issues or consume excessive resources but another one might. This unfortunately will impact your site. It could be minor from website loading speed to a total outage or server error. My question is how do you know? Unless you regularly check your website manually you won't. That's why you need website monitoring. Our service will routinely poll your website to check its uptime.

If you are an Australian business I recommend using our service as we are the only Australian based service that monitors Australian traffic / routing. Our members area is simple and easy to configure multiple monitors that can alert you via email, sms and even a phone call to multiple contacts at specific times of the day. I highly recommend their web page monitoring monitor where it will load a specific page, locate a key phrase or text that should be displayed. If the text isn't located in the specified time it will alert you of the slowness and / or outage of your website.

Everybody hates a slow website. Don't let your website be one of them. Get reliable performance monitoring round the clock for only $4.00 per month.

Website uptime is more than just checking if your website is loading when you personally visit it; instead, it is more about ensuring your business tools are what they should be and getting the most out of the internet. Try it for free for 14 days and remember information is power.