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The Importance Of SSL Monitoring

The purpose of SSL certificates

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificates provide security for websites that need to protect valuable information. This is particularly important for eCommerce and keeping customers’ credit card and other payment details safely anonymous. 

SSL certificates give customers confidence that their details will not be viewed by unauthorised parties and used illegally. Without this layer of protection, your site will struggle to attract customers. 

How this will impact your business

An important part of the SSL certificate process is the renewal and installation process. When a SSL certificate expires, it requires the owner to make a payment to have it renewed. Additionally, the SSL certificate requires manual installation to perform its function correctly. 

If expiration occurs and an update is not purchased or correctly configured, it will result in a warning screen when consumers visit your site. They will be informed that the security has lapsed and that their payment and personal information cannot be safeguarded. This will deter the vast majority of people from using your services, denting your sales and affecting your bottom-line.

What our SSL certificate monitoring can do for you

Website Monitoring’s service will keep tabs on your security, ensuring the certificates are up-to-date and installed correctly. If there is an error in the set up or installation, or the expiry is approaching, we will notify you to renew. This enables your business to eliminate any downtime of your eCommerce system, keeping your sales flowing.

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